Pedal Pub

Pedal Pub

WHY Pedal Pub?

Fun, Lifestyle Business
Market Leader in Hot Industry
Simple Business Model


  1. Simple Business Model
  2. Low Overhead
  3. No Inventory
  4. Fun, Community Based Business
  5. Lifestyle Business
  6. No expensive, long leases
  7. Minimal Staffing – most PT
  8. No Experience Required
  9. Exclusive Equipment
  10. Community Involvement
  11. Experiential
  12. Tourism orientated.

Brand Differentiators and Competitive Advantages for our Customers:

  1. #1 Brand in the Industry
  2. Most locations of any party bike business in US
  3. Most experienced manufacturer in the industry
  4. Certified Pilots
  5. Largest franchise support system

Current Industry Conditions, Advantages, and Projections:
Experiential tourism is booming, set to reach $1.6 billion by 2026. The category, driven by millennials, is growing rapidly. 78% of millennials prefer experiences over goods and 60% of global travelers value experiences more highly than material possessions. The party bike industry, which Pedal Pub is the dominant player, fits perfectly with this generation of customers.


Pedal PubPedal Pub
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